Associated Complimentary Presentations

Complimentary Oral Session 1

Weaver, Ryan

How does a shrimp become red? From molecules to putative genes underlying variation in red carotenoid coloration of Halocaridna rubra

Dixon, Groves

Three-way genomic characterization (molecular evolution, gene expression, and DNA methylation) of the key morphological Innovation of the coral genus Acropora

Zhao, Xuelin

Gene expression noise: its role in coral responses to environmental variation

Matoo, Omera

Ethanol, Flies and Metabolism: Linking Genotypes to Phenotypes

Tanner, Richelle

Pathway-Dependent Patterns of Gene and Protein Expression Variation Exposed by Thermal Stress in the Intertidal Mussel

Tomanek, Lars

From Cellular Omics to Phenomics: The Role of Sirtuins in the Cellular Stress Response

Teets, Nicholas

To Freeze or Not to Freeze: Cold Tolerance Strategies in an Antarctic Midge

Complmentary Oral Session 2

Vazquez-Medina, Jose Pablo

Primary tissue culture provides a system for functional genome-to-phenome investigations in marine mammals

Musser, Jacob           

Whole-body single-cell RNA sequencing reveals neural elements in a sponge

Crawford, Karen           

CRISPR-Cas9 Genome Editing in the Cephalopod Doryteuthis (Loligo) pealeii

Swalla, Billie

Tailless Molgulid Ascidians express Larval Pseudogenes

Ragland, Gregory

Genome-wide variation and transcriptional changes in diverse developmental processes underly the rapid evolution of seasonality in a temperate fly

Lenz, Petra

Organism-Environment Interactions in Marine Zooplankton: Transcriptomic Characterization of a Copepod Phenome

Oakley, Todd

From Chaos Came Beauty: The Origin of a Novel Bioluminescence Gene with Ecosystem Impacts

Complimentary Poster Presentations

Durica, David

Examination of Ecdysteroid Hormone Biosynthetic Enzyme Genes in the Y-Organ Transcriptome and Developing Limb Bud Transcriptome During the Crab Molt Cycle

Gamel, Kaelyn

Design and Fabrication of an Underwater Force plate

Rocereto, Shelby

Non-synonymous variation at a metabolic enzyme locus (<i>Pgi</i>) under purifying selection

Dahlhoff, Elizabeth

Star-crossed lovers: Mitonuclear interactions may affect reproductive activity and offspring performance in a montane leaf beetle

Bentley, Vanessa

Investigating the function of Kruppel homolog 1 (Kr-h1) on molt regulation in Gecarcinus lateralis