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Plant and Animal Genome 2017 Travel Awards

Plant and Animal Genome 2017 Travel Awards for Students and Post-Doctoral Fellows.

Erin N. Burns (U.C. Davis):  Poster: Generation of an Equine Tissue Biobank for Functional Annotation.

Bonnie Cantrell (U. Vermont): Poster: Facilitation of the Bovine Epigenome in the Limbic System: An Atlas of the Bovine Brain.

Emma Fare (U. Delaware): Poster: Hepatic Gene Expression Analysis of Wooden Breast Disorders in Chickens.

Michelle Halstead (U.C. Davis): Poster: Open Chromatin in Bovine Pluripotent Cells and Embryos.

Colin Kern (U.C. Davis): Poster: The Open chromatin Landscape of the Chicken Genome.

Hannah S. Lyman (U.C. Davis) Poster: Identification of lactation-related cis-regulatory regions in the bovine genome.

Victor C. Mason (Swiss Institute of Equine Medicine): Poster: eQTLs, Horses, and FAANG.

Melissa S. Monson (Iowa State): Presentation: Characterizing Responses to Heat Stress and Immune Stimulation Using Transcriptomics in Chicken Immune Tissues.

Robert Schaefer (U. Minnesota): Poster: Unraveling gene function using gene co-expression networks in the domestic horse.

Ying Wang (U.C. Davis): Poster: Transcriptome Analysis of Host Response to Heat Stress in Two Genetically Distinct Chicken Inbred Lines.